Step 1: Let's Kick Things off by Diving Into What Balanced Raw Dog Food Really Entails.

Step 2: Next, Learn How Much to Feed Your Pup(py). Here's Where You'll Get Pre-Calculated Raw Feeding Charts for Dogs, Covering Both BARF and PMR Raw Feeding Methods.

Step 3: Now, Let's Dig Into How Raw Dog Food Meal Prep Actually Works and What You Need to Get Started! Plus, I've Got 2 Easy Raw Dog Food Recipes Just for You. Let's Make Mealtime Magic Happen! 🍗🥕

Step 4: Now, It's Time to Expand Your Repertoire with More Raw Dog Food Recipes to Ensure Your Dog(s) Get All the Nutrients They Need. That's How You'll Help Them Thrive 🐶🍽️

Step 5 (Optional): Do You Have a Pup with a Sensitive Stomach or Food Allergies? If So, Consider Exploring my Allergy Raw Dog Food eBook for Hypoallergenic Solutions!

DIY raw dog food with duck and fish

What to expect

Sample Recipe 1

Find it in my "20 Raw Dog Food Recipes" ebook.

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Homemade raw dog food with ribs and goat milk

What to expect

Sample Recipe 2

You'll also find this one in the "20 Recipes" ebook.

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Learn how to make DIY raw dog food in your own kitchen

Kitchen Meal Prep

The first space that comes to mind for raw meal prep, right?

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DIY raw dog food is not limited to a kitchen space - any large table works too


Dining Room Meal Prep

But any large table works, too!

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Compact answers to frequently asked questions.