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Learn How to Make Affordable Bulk Raw Dog Food, No Pet Nutritionist Needed! Includes 2 Easy Raw Dog Food Recipes

Learn How to Make Affordable Bulk Raw Dog Food, No Pet Nutritionist Needed! Includes 2 Easy Raw Dog Food Recipes

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Have you ever thought about raw dog food meal prep?

As in making your own raw meals for dogs, because ordering the commercial raw dog food adds up quickly, especially towards the end of the month?

If you have thought about it but never followed through, maybe the idea seemed dauting at best and impossible at first.

Or maybe your vet keeps telling you that homemade raw dog food won’t be balanced and will hurt your pup in the long run. 

Maybe your better half thinks you’re crazy for wanting to make DIY bulk raw dog food because you don’t even bother cooking for them!

Hey, I get it. And I’ve been there too.

I definitely remember the look on my ex-husband’s face when I filled the tub in the spare bathroom with water and frozen individual cuts of raw meat to let them thaw for my very first batch of DIY raw dog food.

Thawing raw dog food in the bath tub

Sorta like “OK, she’s completely crazy now.”

He did come around when I pointed out that less money spent on raw dog food meant more money for fun stuff like motorcycles and videogames. 

Don’t get me wrong, he never prepared a single raw meal himself. But at least he quit rolling his eyes at my alternative use of the guest bath tub. 

In the end, saving money on raw dog food didn’t end up saving my marriage.

But for me, the potential to save money is definitely what made me overcome my fears of making my own raw meals and learning all about raw dog food meal prep. 

That was back in 2016, 6 months after I started feeding raw in 2015.

Because let me tell you, I sure know what it’s like to overspend on commercial raw dog food! 

My Boxer mixes Missy and Buzz weighed a combined 130lbs which quickly passed the $500 mark in premade raw dog food for both per month. 

So yeah, that wasn’t sustainable for long but I also wasn’t ready to go back to feeding kibble!

Sound familiar?

I think we both know you’re ready for a shift. 

So, if you want to learn about raw dog food meal prep, now is as good a time to do it as ever.

In this raw dog food e-book, I’ll walk you through: 

  • 2 SIMPLE raw dog food recipes you can feed in different variations
  • Resources and promo codes if you're on a tight budget
  • A printable daily raw feeding chart for adult dogs
  • 8 Hacks to make raw meal prep/feeding easier
  • Raw dog food ingredient shopping lists
  • Raw dog food inventory sheets


  • A free link to help with food allergies/sensitivities 
  • NEW BONUS: A PDF with the bone percentages of 20 of the most common RMBs (Raw Meaty Bones)

Just follow the simple and straightforward tips & tricks I'm sharing in this raw dog food ebook, and you'll soon be making your pup's scrumptious, very OWN BULK RAW DOG FOOD.

Trust me, it's easier than you think to nourish your pups with REAL FOOD!

So, how much longer are you willing to watch your pup(s) survive on kibble rather than THRIVE on real, raw dog food?

Grab your copy of Raw Dog Food Meal Prep today!

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